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BMW GS motorcycle tours South Africa Zimbabwe Zambia Namibia Mozambique Botswana
BMW GS motorcycle adventure South Africa Zimbabwe Zambia Namibia Mozambique Botswana

Cross Africa Challenge is a series of guided motorcycle tours in the heart of the African continent. And although we have included everything you need into our tour packages, but traveling always require prior planning. We have prepared the following sheet of information you will need to plan for your next adventure around Africa.



Registration for Cross Africa Challenge tours are easy. Just click on the REGISTRATION link on the right side navigation menu or click here to be directed to the registration form to fill it out. Once your application is submitted, our registration team will contact you shortly to confirm and finalize your application.



We have few spots for accompanying persons in our chase vans. If you have an accompanying person, please ask them to fill out a separate registration form. Accompanying persons must be 15 years of age or older.



If you are confident that you can ride well with a pillion passenger, you can have a pillion rider on your motorcycle. If you plan to have a pillion rider, please ask them to fill out a separate registration form. Pillion riders must be 15 years of age or older.



A valid passport is required to travel to Africa, and a valid international driving license with motorcycle endorsement is required to be able to ride motorcycles in Africa.



We are aware that travel plans can change, however fees and costs are based on the number of confirmed participants, therefore the following cancellation guidelines are in place:

Cancellation up to 12 weeks before departure date: 50% of the registration fee is refunded. *

Cancellation less than 12 weeks before departure date: 0% of the registration fee is refunded.

* bank transfer charges are to be covered by the registrant.



Motorcycle riding is risky at the best conditions. Please wear proper protective gear while riding in any of our tours. If bringing your protective gear is a weight issue while flying to Africa, please contact us and we can provide options for you.



All Cross Africa Challenge tours include breakfast and dinners. Both are usually served at the hotels/camps where you will be staying. For lunch while riding, you can always pack some fruits that are rich with energy and nutrition or cookies and biscuits. We will always make stops at local towns where you can have or buy your lunch.



Every participant in Cross Africa Challenge tours will be handed official tour t-shirts to wear during the tour. Be prepared that you might encounter cold weather during early starts and at nights, so pack a light jacket or a sweater.



Please pack light and maintain your luggage to the smallest size and lightest weight possible. You will be carrying your luggage on your motorcycle during the tour and heavy weight luggage could sacrifice your balance. In the case you can not fit your luggage on your motorcycle we can place it in our chase van, but space is very limited.


You will receive your official t-shirts in your welcome kit, so plan for enough space to store them in your luggage.



Please check with local health authorities in your country about the required vaccinations for the countries you are traveling to. Vaccination for Yellow Fever is mandatory to all travelers to Africa, among few others. Make sure to bring your stamped vaccination certificates along, as it will be required during border crossings.


It is suggested that participants bring not only medications for likely gastrointestinal problems but also other prescription for personal use as local availability in remote areas is extremely limited.



Travel insurance is always an advantages when traveling abroad. It is highly advisable to obtain a travel and medical insurance with a medical evacuation option before you leave to Africa.



Participants have to make arrangements to obtain visas to enter the countries on the tour route before arrival. Depending on your nationality, you may be able to obtain the visa at the borders. When obtaining a visa to South Africa, make sure your visa is MULTIPLE ENTRY as you will be returning to South Africa again at the end if the tour


We strongly advise that you check with each country's embassy in your home country for visa requirements and procedures. To find the nearest embassy in your country, please check the following links:
South Africa:



Before the tour starts, you will be asked to sign your motorcycle rental agreement and pay a security deposit of $2,000. The security deposit will be returned to you in full at the end of the tour if there are no damages to your motorcycle, otherwise the cost to fix any damages will be deducted from the security deposit and the balance will be returned to you. This security deposit also represents your maximum liability towards your rented motorcycle.


The official language of Cross Africa Challenge is English and all communications will be in English. Languages of the countries in our routes vary, but English is widely understood.



Local currencies change from a country to another, but the United States dollar is widely acceptable throughout routes. It could also be exchanged in many different places.  


Local currency in South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). Exchange rates are around 18 ZAR per 1 USD.
Local currency in Mozambique is the Metical (MZN). Exchange rates are around 64 MZN per 1 USD.
Local currency in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD). Exchange rates are around 360 Z$ per 1 USD.

motorcycle adventure tours Africa
BMW adventure tours South Africa Zimbabwe Zambia Namibia Mozambique Botswana